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General English


We provide our students with a number of options in General English courses to suit their needs and budgets. Whatever your reasons for improving your English, all students need a solid base and our General English course/programme at Step In Education provide you with that. Our International English courses are for international students and working people who have come to England to improve their English. Our fun and engaging courses help to develop all four skills of the English language reading, writing, speaking and listening with a focus on improving your ability to communicate clearly and effectively. All campus base students will study a core course of 15 hours per week. There are different Modules options for general English students from A2 to C1 ranging from 12 to 46 weeks study. Options include: reading, writing, speaking, listening, pronunciation, conversation, IELTS and Business. Studying International English can help you to find a better job, progress in your career or to study at a UK university.
Our friendly and approachable teaching team enjoy welcoming students of all levels around the globe from beginner to proficiency, and whether you are coming to study with us at our London campus or online – they are committed to helping you improve and reach your learning goals.

Accreditation/ Certification
The certificate will be issued to learner on completion of course which is accredited by the United Kingdom reputed awarding organization recognition by The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) in United Kingdom and recognised in many other countries around the world.

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These Basic English courses provide a good foundation for development of your main language skills. The aim of this program is to help you use newly acquired skills in real-life situations.

Key areas covered:

  • Speaking: practice topic discussions and situation role-plays
  • Developing reading skills including different reading strategies
  • Effective writing: types of sentences, paragraphs, style and tone
  • Use of English: applying grammar structures and vocabulary items studied
  • Practical grammar: punctuation, spelling, tenses, parts of speech, abbreviations and the most common mistakes
  • Everyday English; including colloquial expressions and idioms
  • Modern British culture
  • And many more …

Course duration

12-46 weeks

(3-11 months)

Course levels

Elementary (A2) – Advanced (C1)

Teaching Methods
Campus based (London)
Average 10, maximum 20 students

One to One
Group Teaching

All General English courses include:

  • Level placement test
  • Needs assessment
  • Progress report(s) (for students studying 4 weeks or more)
  • 1:1 tutorial with your teacher every month (For students studying 4 weeks or more)
  • End of course report
  • Course completion certificate


  • Increase your vocabulary
  • Improve your grammar
  • Communicate in English more effectively
  • Be able to get a job where you need a good knowledge of English courses
  • Fulfil need for higher education

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Who Should Participate ?

  • People who hope to communicate with confidence and ease in real-life situations.
  • Students want to improve English which help them in their future education.
  • Professional wants to learn English for their better future prospective.
  • Students planning for further study in English language country.


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Fee Structure – 12 weeks course £ Fees
Registration Fees: £ 50 per participant.
Online Course: £ 250.
Blended Course: £ 1200.
Campus Based Course: £ 1750.
Fee Structure – 26 weeks course £ Fees
Registration Fees: £ 50 per participant.
Online Course: £ 450.
Blended Course: £ 1500.
Campus Based Course: £ 2250.
Fee Structure – 46 weeks course £ Fees
Registration Fees: £ 50 per participant.
Online Course: £ 650.
Blended Course: £ 1800.
Campus Based Course: £ 2750.
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