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Nursing information and courses to enable you to register with Nursing Body NMC. Nurses who wish to practice as a nurse in United kingdom would be required to go through few steps to become a registered nurse.
1. Passing an English exam.
To start pursuing a career opportunity you need to pass an English language
exam (Current requirement is al least 7 or above in all parts of IELTS)
Documentation required:
• Proof that you had spent at least 10 years of school education prior to starting a 3 year nursing degree course.
• At least 12 month experience as full time practicing as a nurse.
• You must have an unlimited registration with your local nursing organisation or body.
• Police certificate from the country of origin
• Qualifications
• Registration certificate form overseas nursing body and verification from the nursing body
• References covering at least 12 months of practice
• Transcripts of your hours in clinical work as a trainee nurse.
• Checking with NAARIC a UK body that compares the overseas qualifications with reference to equivalence to UK qualifications.

At Step in Education we follow the following steps to assure the overseas candidates are helped to get best information for Nurses to pursue their career in United Kingdom.
Step 1:
Involves checking that you met all the requirements listed above
Step 2:
One you fulfil the eligibility criteria, the second step is to take a test of competence. A computer base MCQ test is administered by Pearson VUE. The link for this test is
Two attempts are allowed to pass the test. Results are communicated with NMC. In case you do not pass the test then you will have next opportunity after six month of the later test date.
Step 3:
Assessment of your computer based results alongside with all of the following.
a. Birth certificate
b. Valid passport
c. Health certificate form a medical doctor
d. Police certificate showing no criminal record
e. Qualification certificates
f. Overseas registration certificate and confirmation
g. Two employment references showing you are of sound character and professionally perform your duties.
h. Copies of transcripts from nursing school showing clinical trainings. Transcripts must show the number of hours spent.
Step 4:
Second Competence test provided you have reached at this stage. The second test is Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). Test takes place in UK and Step in Education team can guide you for the procedure and exam preparation. University of Northampton in UK administer the OSCE test. You will be completing 6 stations covering the clinical nursing practice.
The current cost for exam is £992 excluding the fees charges by Step in education. Test information can be looked at
Step 5:
This step involves ID Check, original documentation check in person in London Office of NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) If you become successful upto this stage you will register online with NMC at the cost of £133 per year annual renewable membership. To get full information of costs can be obtained by emailing step in education co-ordinator.

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English courses for Nursing 1. IELTS (links to course details) 2. OET (links to course details) 3. OSCE preparation (links to course details)

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Who Should Participate ?

Overseas candidates with nursing degrees equivalent to United Kingdom Nursing degrees (NAARIC)

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Fee Structure £ Fees
OET course online support- subscription
Registration Fees: £
1 Month : £
3 Months : £ .
6 Months: £ .

Campus based fees
Full time £ 2000.00
Part time £2000.00

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