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Students’ university and college offers could soon be based on their actual grades, rather than teachers’ predictions, under plans to be published by the admissions service. Two radical new options for reform are set to be unveiled by UCAS in the coming weeks. Both would have far-reaching impact and better support students from disadvantaged backgrounds, who are often under-predicted and less likely to apply to selective universities. Under a post-qualification offers model, all students, including those on technical and vocational routes, would receive offers from their chosen universities and colleges on the same day, after getting their final qualification results [...]


People not profits


People not profits Education is a key to economic competitiveness and social cohesion. It helps individuals and communities to reach their full potential. Governments across the world are therefore committed to raising educational attainment & skills and promoting access to lifelong learning. Governments face common challenges in seeking to achieve their education and skills objectives. Step in Education is committed to helping governments and non government organization to address these and many other complex questions. We can do so successfully because we and our partner organizations have a network of professional working in education and skill enhancement sector at [...]

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Residential courses


Residential courses Attending classes is a great way to study at Step in Education and what life is like as a student in London. We provide courses for both UK students and students from all over the world. Step In Education offer everything from short courses to Post Graduate Diploma (level 7) that can give you a whole new career. Step in Education offer a dedicated, professional environment for you to study in, but if you’re unable to get in to a centre, or there isn’t one nearby, you could opt to train by distance learning using our online [...]

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International Focus


International Focus An international focus lies at the heart of everything we do at Step In Education College. From the design of the curriculum, to the background of our students and faculty in the heart of London Step In Education will immerse you in a multiplicity of cultures and empower you as a truly global citizen. Globalization takes a major role in a majority of our courses and we are in a process of developing our partnership with the international development organizations, NGOs and research centres around the globe. Outside of the classroom you will also learn a lot [...]

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