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Office Administration And Management


Companies/organizations need employees who can handle customers, manage office, and support management in planning and meeting new standards and challenges.

The educational institutions are generally producing young jobseekers with theoretical background lacking the knowledge and skill to apply theory to real life problems and issues. Their hopes are shattered when they cannot prove worth of earned certificate and show poor performance in the interview.

The individuals having general education background (Intermediate/Graduate) are generally absorbed in office jobs. Very few institutions are offering skill training in office management, except on the job training, once they get a job. The proper training can not only help the job seekers to snatch a job but also save resources of the employers in providing on job training to fresh intake.

The Administrative Office Management Training Program has been designed help the young office job seekers to get the required skill for not only to acquire the job but also earn good repute and accelerate their promotion during their career. The program will also facilitate the employers to pick suitable employees and save their time and resources. The training can also help already employed to upgrade the office management skill and make their future bright.

Accreditation/ Certification
The programme is accredited by the United Kingdom reputed awarding body CPD and certificate will be issued to learner for their professional development.

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The participants will be able to:-

  • Enhance their understanding of the Concept of office administration and management
  • Apply techniques to utilize human resources proficiently
  • Improve application of interpersonal skills in administration and management
  • Bring improvement and efficiency in administrative services
  • Handle and maintain IT equipment


Module – I Basic concepts and orientation of office administration and management


The management and administration plays a crucial role in the efficiency, output and ultimately the success of any organization. The people at the helm of affairs must be very clear about their role, challenges and problems they can face and how to efficiently resolve these problems. What skills do they need to play their role?

B- Outcomes

At the completion of the course the participants will be able to:

  • Explain the functions, organization and structure of office
  • Describe the functions of management
  • Narrate the principles of management
  • Enhance their skill and ability to play the role of administrative manager

C- Module Covers

  • Office orientation (Functions, organization and structure)
  • Role of management in the work place
  • Principles of management
  • Role, qualities and skills of office administrative manager

Module – II Management of Human Resources


The manager alone cannot handle the administration and office business. He She needs strong, cohesive, vigilant and motivated team to deliver the goods. The manager has to explore and recruit individuals having initiative and potential to assimilate themselves into motivated team. All the team members must be given orientation and a regular training to keep their knowledge and skill up dated.

B- Outcomes

At the end of the course the trainees will be able to:

  • Handle staffing and recruitment
  • Organize orientation and training for the staff members
  • Provide counseling and develop disciplined team

C- Module Covers

  • Staffing Practices-Employment law and job practices
  • On the job employee practices- employees’ selection, recruitment and placement
  • Employees orientation and training,
  • Counseling and discipline

Module -III Interpersonal skills


The interpersonal skills like communication, motivation, team building, and time management etc. are the basic ingredients for the development of a team which can raise the image and enhance the output of any organization. The attitude, behavior and efficiency of any team are the reflection of the handling of the manager. The effective manager needs to develop these skills to deliver the goods as a team leader.

B- Outcomes

At the end of the course the trainees will be able to:

  • Enhance communication skill
  • Build and lead teams
  • Improve time management skill

C- Module Covers

  • Human Communication
  • Importance of
  • Process of communication
  • Types of communication
  • Listening

C- Group Dynamics and Team Building

  • Process of group or team building
  • Qualities of effective teams
  • Techniques for building teams
  • Conflicts and their management

E-Time Managementoffice management

  • Importance and value of time
  • Time wasters
  • Tips to manage time effectively

Module IV – Office Communication

A- Introduction

The office communication reflects upon the efficiency and quality of customer service of any organization. The effective communication helps to establish a good reputation. This task has to be performed by professionals handling office management and they should have strong office communication skill.

B- Outcomes

At the end of the course the trainees will be able to:

  • Enhance written communication
  • Write Memos and letters
  • Respond to complaints and queries
  • Produce reports

C- Module Covers

  • Written communication principles and techniques
  • Writing Memos and letters
  • Answering Queries
  • Responding complaints
  • Sending Requests
  • Producing Reports
  • Telephone handling

Module V-Administrative Services


Administration is one of the pillars of any management. The administration translates the policy and decisions of management into reality. The weak administration can affect the repute of the organization and it will fail to achieve its objectives.

B- Module Covers

At the end of the course the trainees will be able to:

  • Design office efficiently
  • Handle Office Issues
  • Maintain office equipment and record
  • Manage office safety


  • Office design and issues
  • Office ergonomics and health factors
  • Safety management
  • Handling office record and equipment inventory
  • Handling telephone, accounting and mailing systems

Module VI Information Technology


The information technology and electronic equipment has changed and revolutionized the basis of office management. The professionals handling office management needs to be conversant and skillful in information technology. The module will enable the participants to acquired required skills

B- Outcomes

At the end of the course the trainees will be able to:

  • Handle and maintain IT equipment
  • Operate IT equipment

C- Module Covers

  • Computer work and security systems
  • Business use of telecommunication
  • Computer network
  • Internet services and e mailing
  • Managing information technology systems- hard wares and soft wares


Interactive lectures, Video Clips, Discussion, Brain Storming, Individual and Group Presentations, Case Studies, Role Plays, Home Assignments, Field Visits, Handouts, Assessment tests at the end of each module.


The training program is practical focused rather than theory, involving lot of practical exercises. It covers all the aspects of modern office management. The organization has developed data base of potential employers and will help and support the trainees by recommending and referring to these employers for gainful employment.


  • The course duration is three months
  • The training comprises of six modules.
  • The trainees who complete training in six modules will get full certificate indication all the modules.
  • There is provision that individuals get training only in one module for which they will get a certificate
  • The individuals who cannot get training on all the modules at a stretch can avail the facility to complete all the modules as per their convenience. However, they will be eligible for the certificate on each module completed.
  • The duration of each module is two weeks. Every month two modules will be offered.
  • The courses will be offered in the afternoon to accommodate the employed persons.

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Who Should Participate ?

  • Young graduates seeking office jobs
  • Employees interested in enhancing their proficiency
  • Mid-level managers


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Fee Structure £ Fees
Registration Fees: £ 50 per participant.
Online Course: £ 250.
Blended Course: £ 300.
Campus Based Course: £ 450.
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