Project Description


Salesmanship has become vital service and the salesman is the key figure in the business world of manufacturing and distribution. The job of today’s salesman is not restricted to selling consumer goods. He also has to vend industrial and agricultural goods and services like transport, repairing, teaching, painting, banking, legal consultancy, medicine, insurance, and so on. Time is not far when a salesman will be in a position to dictate to the producers of goods and services, what, when and how much to produce for sale in the market.
As a result of the diverse nature of the selling jobs, professional selling has developed into a specialized area of management. Recognizing the significance importance and its scope to absorb sale professionals the focused salesmanship course has been designed.

Accreditation/ Certification

The programme is accredited by the United Kingdom reputed awarding body CPD and certificate will be issued to learner for their professional development.

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The participants will be able to:

  • Develop understanding of concept of salesmanship, sale and role of sales professional
  • Apply communication, motivation and negations skills effectively in sale proficiently
  • Develop and sale promotional campaign
  • Apply techniques and tools to enhance sale
  • Manage and handle products sale distribution


  1. Basics of Salesmanship
    • Meaning and concepts of salesmanship
    • Roles, responsibilities, personality attributes and skills of sales professional
    • The importance and role of Communication, motivation, negotiation, assertiveness skills in sale
  2. Selling
    • What is selling
    • Types of selling: Product selling, Service selling, Industrial selling
    • The success elements of sale and their knowledge: (Product, customer, competitors, territory and right timing)
    • Understanding buyer behaviour, rapport building and networking
    • Sales planning and breaking down of sale target
    • Closing the sale
  3. Sales Promotion
    • Sale promotion: concept, nature, importance, limitation and opportunities
    • Selecting promotional tools
    • Consumer sale promotion techniques
    • Comparison of Publicity and advertisement
    • Limitations of using publicity
    • Project (develop and produce sale promotion campaign for a product)
  4. Distribution Management
    • Introduction
    • Steps and Process
    • Methods and Techniques

Interactive lectures, Video Clips, Discussion, Brain Storming, Individual and Group Presentations, Case Studies, Role Plays, Home Assignments, Field Visits, Handouts, Assessment tests at the end of each module.

The training program is practical focused rather than only theory, involving lot of practical exercises. It covers all the aspects of modern office management. The organization has developed data base of potential employers and will help and support the trainees by recommending and referring to these employers for gainful employment.


  • The course duration is six weeks
  • The training comprises of 4 modules.
  • The classes will be for three days (Friday- Sunday).
  • The courses will be offered in the afternoon to accommodate the employed persons.
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Who Should Participate ?

  • Young graduates or individuals having intermediate qualification who are seeking for sale jobs
  • Mid-level business managers
  • Individuals intend to start a business
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Fee Structure  £ Fees
Registration Fees: £ 50 per participant.
Online Course: £ 250.
Blended Course: £ 300.
Campus Based Course: £ 450.
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