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Disaster risk reduction workshop

Training and Development Network (TDN) designed three days training course on Disaster Risk Reduction, on this course participants will be able to develop a share understanding of the concepts principles and practices of Disaster risk reduction.

To provide information, tools, and instruments that will increase the overall awareness and understanding of Disaster Risk Management in general and the topics of risk reduction, transfer, and financing in particular. At the end of each session, there is scope to assess the learning of the participants from the session


• Introduction of disaster management
• Overview of disaster risk reduction (DRR)
• DRM: terminologies, disaster risk management cycle
• Key concepts and the components of disaster management
• DRR advocacy with government
• Identify the stakeholders and their roles disaster risk management
• Use of risk information for emergency planning and preparedness
• Hazard assessment and vulnerability
• Describe the processes of vulnerability capacity assessment
• Tools used for conducting vulnerability capacity assessment
• Apply the process of building risk scenarios
• Describe categories of disaster risk reduction
• Identify components of disaster risk transfer
• Earthquake management and earthquake safety plan
• Elaborate an action plan
• Operational planning exercise

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Course programme

The training course is based on a series of modules, which can be adapted to the requirements of the course participants. The emphasis is put on practice and hands-on exercises and includes:
• Group-work
• Brainstorming
• Questions and answers
• Role play
• Simulation
• Short presentations

Facilitators will ask questions to make sure that the participants could follow the discussions in the session. If needed, discuss the main points again in brief. To help the facilitators to facilitate the sessions properly with adequate information and clear concept, each session is supported by PowerPoint slides and handouts. Facilitators will read and comprehend these supportive materials. The facilitator will prepare PowerPoint slides, handouts and other materials before starting the training. It is expected that the capacity of the course participants would be enhanced substantially if the training is conducted properly as per course contents.

What is included in the event fee?
Training facilitation for three days from 9AM to 5PM, training material including stationary and handouts certificates of training with training group picture, lunch for two days, morning and evening tea during the training days
Due to the Covid – 19 pandemic, most of our events are now held virtually.

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